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Automatic Hand Dryer – Airstream 2000

Hand Dryer – Airstream 2000

  • The ideal automatic hand dryers for public restrooms, washrooms, kitchens, pantries.
  • Elegant, slim & quiet, the Airstream 2000 automatic hand dryer generate powerful warm air and not hot air.
  • Our automatic hand dryer is high impact vandal resistant, foolproof, hygienic and economical.
  • Powerful warm air and not hot air



Dimensions 270mmH x 265mmW x 141mmD
Weight Packed=3kg Unpacked=2.67kg
Casing High gloss ABS. Fire retardant ABS Polycarbonate alloy
Shock protection Double Insulated. Class 11. Water splash-proof hand dryer
Operation Automatic hand dryer incorporating Infra-red sensor with safety cut-off after 45 seconds continuous running
Performance 3.82 cubic metre air per minute at 50°C above ambient Hand Drying Time ~30 seconds
Noise level 65dBA at a metre (normal speech level) from hand dryer
Switch-on/off-delay 0.4 seconds / 4 seconds
Motor 2700rpm, 130 watts brushless 2 pole induction motor with windings protected against thermal overload
Heating Element 2.1kW open spiral wound element, made from Kanthal High temperature alloy rated at 1280°C max. temp., protected by high temperature cut-out at 90°C
Power Supply 220/240 volts, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.0kW at 230 volts
Warranty 4 years against manufacturing defects
Country of Origin United Kingdom