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Hand Soap Dispenser – Euro 1000

Hand Soap Dispenser – Euro 1000 – Whether your preference is for cartridge refill or direct dispensing, the Euro 1000 hand soap dispenser provides a delivery system that’s suitable for any commercial application. With its sound ergonomic design and rugged ABS construction, it can be installed for either push or pull operation, and dispenses anything from economy to premium soaps.

Servicing is simple, the hand soap dispenser has a integral magnifying window simplifying inspection of contents for routine maintenance. Installation is equally simple even in replacement applications, thanks to a matrix of fixing holes to ensure compatibility with previous equipment. Security is assured by the unique locking system.




Dimensions H265mm x W110mm x D116mm
Weight 0.45 kg (empty)
Casing Constructed fully from recyclable thermoplastics.
Operation Push or pull option
Capacity 1000 ml
Dosage Nominal 0.55 ml per dose
Country of Origin United Kingdom