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Sabre Plate Mounted Sickle fans (VSP)

SABRE Sickle bladed fans are the latest addition to the Vent-Axia range offering improved pressure characteristics over axial units and lower sound levels. The advanced blade design and purpose built motor ensure excellent reliability and speed control.


SABRE Plate mounted sickle fans are based on an integrated impeller and external rotor motor design, which produces a very compact unit. Together with a specially designed bell mouth inlet and mounting plate, the complete fan is lightweight and ensures an excellent performance to sound level ratio.


The mounting plate is formed from a single sheet, protected with a tough epoxy paint finish. Inlet finger guards and motor supports are manufactured from steel rod, electro welded for extra strength. Sizes 250 to 710 finger guards give protection to BS 848 Part 5. Manufacture is controlled to BS EN ISO 9001 Standards.


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