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Waterless Hand Sanitizer

Waterless Hand Sanitizer

Hands are constantly in contact with surfaces. Each time this happens, germs are transmitted.
Therefore, hand washing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection.

PuRene waterless hand sanitizer is a gentle de-germing gel with effectiveness of proven ethyl alcohol, triclosan and a blend of emollients.

  • PuRene waterless hand sanitizer is used as supplement for hand washing where and when soap and water are not available readily. It sanitizes and keeps skin in good conditions.
  • Used widely in hospitals, doctor offices, nursing stations, patient rooms, health and day care centers, food handlers, office staff, etc…anywhere to sanitize hands.
  • Product of Australia


Physical Characteristics

  • Appearance – Clear gel
  • Odour – Light fragrance
  • pH – 6.5 – 7.5

Features and Benefits

  • PuRene hand sanitizer is highly effective – inactivates 99.5% bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Mild – safe and gentle can be applied throughout, many times a day, day after day.
  • Economical – just a few drops will destroy micro-organisms on hands.
  • PuRene Waterless hand sanitizer is easy – No towel or water are needed, air-dry for instant hand sanitizing.

Directions for Use

1. Apply small amount of PuRene to thoroughly cover hands.
2. Let self air-dry.
3. Use no water or towel
4. PuRene waterles hand sanitizer is an efficient de-germing agent. However, its strength in removing soil or grease is limited. Recommended to wash hands with soap and water at beginning of work and on regular basis when hands are visibly soiled.



1000ml bottle X 6 per carton
200ml tube X 24 per carton